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Volunteer Opportunities

We are always in need to dedicated volunteers to help us fulfil our mission.  As an all-volunteer organization, we depend upon community volunteers to assist in everything from operations to hotline to building.  Whatever your skill, we have a job for you!

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.about your interest.

Building Committee
The Building Committee is responsible for the design and implementation of all major structures and site improvements at the Wildlife Response & Rehabilitation Center (WRRC). Activities include planning, brainstorming, conceptual design, construction administration and actual construction of large wildlife structures, landscaping and site maintenance, as well as the organization of volunteer work activity gatherings at the WRRC.

Capital Campaign Committee
The Capital Campaign is an intensive fund raising effort designed to fund costs needed to meet the varied asset-building needs of the Wildlife Response & Rehabilitation Center (WRRC), using Fundraisers, Corporate and Private Giving, and Grants

Community Outreach Committee 
Seeks out opportunities for Wildlife Response, Inc to be represented in the greater community; plans and conducts community outreach activities; and develops strategies for increasing public awareness of the wildlife around us.

Executive Committee 
Determine the organization’s mission and vision; provides oversight of the Executive Director; determines policies and procedures; appoints committee chairs; conducts strategic planning; handles general affairs of the Board.

Finance Committee
Accountable for the organization’s financial policies and procedures; develops the organization’s budget; ensures accurate tracking, monitoring, and accountability for funds; and ensures adequate financial controls.

Fund Development 
In conjunction with the Finance Committee, determines the organization’s fundraising goals; develops an annual fundraising plan that will generate the funds needed to meet fundraising goals; develops a plan for involving the organization's membership in the non-grant resource development activities of the organization. Seeks out and applies for grants. Investigates new resource development projects, activities, and ideas for possible use in the future.

Hotline Services 
Trains and coordinates volunteers who answer the Wildlife Referral Hotline. Maintains a monthly calendar and distributes to BOD, Hotline volunteers, and web site designer. Chairperson will represent committee on matters of policy decision within the Board.

Membership Committee 
Serves our organization's individual and organizational members; determines and implements member benefits; ensures retention through the offering of services that meet members’ needs; implements the means for making prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits; acknowledges new members and encourages participation in activities; identifies members' and nonmembers' needs and perceptions, analyzes them, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Nominating Committee 
The responsibility of the Nominating Committee shall be to submit to the Managing Members of the Corporation a list of candidates for the Board of Directors.

Organization Development Committee 
Collaborates with Board of Directors to keep the organization’s policies and procedures up to date; ensures diversity within the organization; conducts Strategic Planning in conjunction with Executive Committee; oversees Board governance processes; and maintains the Board Policy and Governance Manual.

Public Relations Committee 
Plans, develops, and maintains our website; responds to public inquiries; oversees marketing strategies; ensures a strong web presence conducts outreach with news media; in collaboration with the Community Outreach Committee, plans and conducts community outreach activities.

Rehabilitation Services & Education Committee 
Supervise rehabilitation volunteers. Coordinates wildlife rehabilitation classes conducted by members and nonmember wildlife rehabilitators. Maintains statistical information regarding rehabilitation efforts. Represents wildlife rehabilitators on matters of policy decision within the Board.

Rescue & Transportation Services Committee 
Coordinates wildlife transport and rescue. Manages transport volunteers and represents wildlife transporters on matters of policy decisions within the board.

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